How to Apply

Foscadh Housing How to Apply

How to Apply

Rosemount Park

  • When a vacancy occurs in one of Foscadh Housing’s estates, we contact the appropriate Local Authority and ask for nominations from their housing waiting lists.
  • We work in partnership with the relevant Local Authority to best allocate the house.
  • All Foscadh Housing applicants must be approved by their Local Authority as being in need of Social Housing support. (i.e. on a local authority waiting list)

To find out more information about the application process please click on the following link

Once Foscadh Housing receives a housing nomination from the relevant local authority housing department, the following process begins:

  • Our Foscadh Housing Officer will then contact the nominated applicant/s
  • A Foscadh Housing Application Form will be given to the applicants and any support needed in filling it out is offered.
  • Applicants will need to complete and sign the application form
  • References must be provided by the applicant/s
  • All necessary supporting documentation must be included in the application, including Birth Certificate
  • Foscadh Housing will then interview the applicant/s in their current home, where appropriate.
  • Applicants will then receive a Rent Assessment Form.
  • Successful applicants receive formal notification of a offer of a home with Foscadh Housing, together with their Tenancy Documentation and official confirmation of their means assessed rent needs – i.e. the approved and agreed rent to be paid by the tenant.
  • All new tenants must attend a pre-tenancy training course.
  • With everything completed the tenant/s receives the keys of their new home with Foscadh Housing.
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